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very proud and honored to represent a small selection of wonderful lodges and camps which offer Africa’s unique experience and are emerged from the passion for wildlife and conservation.
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passion for wildlife
passion for conservation


spectacular nature – extraordinary wildlife – warm hospitality – authentic experience - excellent guiding - passion for conservation

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Ever since my initial journey to Africa, I found myself captivated by the essence of the continent. Armed with a background in business economics and tourism, I delved into the realm of Southern and East Africa as a product manager for a prominent Swiss specialist. My role involved frequent visits to Africa, allowing me to deepen my connection with this enchanting land.

The pinnacle of my African adventure unfolded in 2012 when my husband and I embarked on a remarkable journey from Switzerland to South Africa in our own Land Rover. Together, we traversed the vast landscapes of the continent, solidifying my love for Africa. It was a dream realized, shared with the love of my life.

Fuelled by an ever-growing passion for Africa, I decided to establish moya africa in early 2018. This venture brings me immense joy as it grants me the privilege to represent and share products that hold a special place in my heart – each one embodying the uniqueness that defines Africa.



Tourism and working with people have always been my great passion. Whether I worked as Sales Manager in Thailand for two years, as a Travel Agent and Sales Trainer in Switzerland for 20 years – the tourism industry has always felt like home. Ever since the first time I set foot on African land in 2000, I have fallen in love with the continent. I have travelled to Southern and Eastern Africa countless times; be it for an educational trip, holidays, just a short weekend getaway to enjoy Cape Town (and a wine tasting with Alexandra), a three-month long journey across the Southern cross or our unforgettable honeymoon – every single trip has been nothing short of amazing, breath taking and full of joy, laughter, and magical moments. I am thrilled to be representing Africa’s unique experience and cannot wait to meet you!

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